I personally don’t really understand the logic behind downloading a grindcore album to your computer (other than to have it ALSO on your portable MP3 player) but apparently, a lot of people do it these days. So, we decided we would rather make people download our album on our own web-site than elsewhere (i.e. Youtube, Blogspot, Filestube etc…) or make them “donate” for it through Bandcamp, of which certain part would go to Paypal and other third parties that have nothing to do with the DIY community. Not that it would be the worst thing but why bother when we have our own server?

So, head over to to download the 8-minute SAKATAT album “Bir Devrin Sonu” in its entirety in MP3 format for free download and enjoy!

“Bir Devrin Sonu” is still available:
on single-sided 12″ vinyl (with A2 poster) from Bringer of Gore Productions
on CD from Everydayhate Records
also soon on tape from Revulsion Records and Grindfather Productions


Bir Devrin Sonu 2 - One color - PREVIEW
SBKNK - One color - PREVIEW

These are now available in limited quantities from Grindfather Productions (UK). Please note that we won’t have extra copies of those for sale, so contact our buddies who’ve printed them.

The artwork on the white shirts was done by Irwan of Ironworx Gravefix and the other two by our friend/a local up&coming artist Mert Aydın (as seen on our debut album “Bir Devrin Sonu”). Unfortunately neither of them have an online portfolio that I have an access to but I am sure you can track ’em down on Facebook.

Yurtiçinden almak isteyenler sakatatgrindcore[et][nokta]com’a yazabilir.


Şehrin en doğusuna çıktı kereste almak için gidiş-geliş dahil, bütün hazırlama süreci bir işgününe
yakın sürdü. Atölyede geçen saatler boyunca kimse ne yaptığımı mera etmezken, serayı bahçeye
kurmam/alıştırmam sırasında kontrol etmek için gelen meraklı/tedirgin komşu sayısı ise giderek
arttı ve nedense kimse “Ispanak, marul falan…”ı “İçinde ne yetiştireceksin?” sorusu için tatmin
edici bir cevap olarak kabul etmedi. Aynı akşam yan komşunun kapağı kaldırıp toprağı incelediğine de adım gibi eminim.

Tedirgin ziyaretçi sayısındaki esas artışı ise seranın kapaklarına kilit taktıktan sonra bekliyorum.


Throughout years we have been lucky enough to have our words published on most of our favorite print and web-zines and I’ve always enjoyed answering those interviews since they were mostly really interesting. These final interviews were fun too but somehow I felt like I’d ran out of things to say. That is not necessarily a bad thing though, as it might as well be the sign that this was actually a good time to do some research in new areas and focus on new ideas.

So, these are the last interviews we’d done before we broke up: one with the ever-dedicated Nihilistic Holocaust and the other with Executioner (in Porteguese language!). Thanks a lot to Gabriel and Jeroni!

So, enjoy.

EDIT: By the way, below is the list of aforementioned new records that I enjoyed last year but wouldn’t appeal to Nihilistic’s readers:

ARCTIC FLOWERS “Procession” 12″
“Reveries” had set the expectations so high that it took me a while to get into this new EP; although once I did, there was no turning back. These new tunes lean towards dark post-punk vein, while the mentioned LP and the earlier stuff had a lot more punkrock vibe to them. Late-night/before-dawn type of stuff.

BOY “Mutual Friends” LP
German/Swiss mainstream pop duo. Everyone hated me for playing this whenever I get the chance and I still listen to it quite often, even after million spins.

CRUSADES “Parables” 7″
Yet another great record from this Canadian unholy hardcore band after the first full 7″ and an amazing LP, which was easily one the records I had listened to most in last couple of years.

KALASHNIKOV “La città dell’ultima paura!” 12″
This band makes even the word “fascismo” sound so nice that they will be partially responsible if I ever learn the Italian language. Didn’t really like the new 7″ but this takes off from where they’d left with the last LP which I am still not done with digesting. Nice picture disc too.

NO MORE ART “Tough to Breathe” 7″
Female-fronted punk/rock. The demo tape had ruled, these two new tunes don’t disappoint either.

Honestly, they didn’t really catch me in the beginning. However, I found myself listening to the album over and over again when I got back to it a few weeks later. I am not sure how indie they are but both “Tickande Bomb”, “Allvar” and that opening track on the 7″ must be on the Swedish radio already.

Also not to forget NO WEATHER TALKS Demo Tape, FOTON KUŞAĞI Live in Istanbul, BIKINI KILL 12″ re-issue and fuck knows what else.


Live at Obscene Extreme 2012 (photo by Niklas Larsson)

As explained in detail on Disposable Underground which I doubt makes any sense at all, SAKATAT is done for good since our final gig in Istanbul last month.

Actually, I can’t believe it took us this long to split up.

Although there won’t be any new recordings whatsoever, we have a couple of new projects to be done soon, such as the following:

– Cassette version of “Bir Devrin Sonu” will soon be put out by Revulsion Records and Grindfather Productions;
– There is some new merch coming out on Everydayhate and Grindfather;
– There might be some low-key split tape with live recordings;
– A compilation CD with some of our 7″s plus some unreleased material is in the works as well.


Wet and dirty in Liberec (photo by Niklas Larsson)